Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Morning Person

There is a new commercial airing on TV these days for McDonald's coffee. The spot mocks "the morning person", showing one actor as just over the top, cheery and excited from the time he gets out of bed. The rest of society just hates this guy. The masses need their coffee before they can get going each day.

My wife laughs when she sees this commercial, as she says that I am just as obnoxious as the guy in the ad.

The truth is that I would rather stay in bed all day, but since I have to get up....I might as well get up with a great attitude. Being grumpy will not help me in any way.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called "The Wake Up Thought", encouraging people to immediately think about the great days ahead. I got an email from a Debra, a regular reader of "The Some Assembly Required Blog", who told me that this tip has had a great effect on her life. She said she is just more pleasant at work and at home. WOW!

So do not mock the morning guy like the McDonald's commercial....BE the morning guy (or girl).

Have A Great Day.



Anonymous said...

GREAT advice, Thom!!!

Glenn said...

Last week my doctor took me off caffeine. Can I make it to the office by 6AM without turning into a monster? Yes I CAN!

(I'll just take a nap from 9-9:30:-)

Anonymous said...


I agree. I hate getting up in the morning - especially early - but once I'm up, I realize all the things I miss when I sleep in!