Saturday, March 17, 2007

Your Personal Vision Of Success Makes The Difference

Successful people think differently. How differently will directly attribute to how successful they become. I recently heard a successful executive of a top-tier company credit her rise in corporate America by saying, "I do not destroy things. From early in my career, when I touch something I have made it grow". This was not bragging, it was a statement of the facts - she has done exactly that over thirty plus years.

The declaration has stuck with me. This executive knows in her soul that her job is to grow business. There is never a question in her mind of "if" she can do it, she clearly focuses on "how" she will do it. I am confident that those who work with her also know that failure is not an option.

Many people get caught in the daily routine of their jobs and loose sight of the grand plan. I too struggle with the big "IF's". Office politics, fear, busy schedules, lack of experience, and countless other faux problems stop us from being focused on long term success.

I enjoy talking with people who are extremely successful and self-made. Most of them are confident in their own abilities to achieve, and look for ways to help others find a path to excellence. (However, you can always tell successful individuals who got "lucky"....they are the ones who are petty, selfish, guarded, and cocky! My advice is to avoid the phonies!). The genuine leaders view the only road blocks to the top as internal, and know first hand that anyone can accomplish more with the right mindset. They want others to succeed and are never jealous of another's climb to the top (even if they surpass them!).

The sky is the limit..... if you know in your soul that the sky is the limit. If you believe the limit is the top of the fence, then that is true as well. I don't know about you, but I want to be like the person who makes things grow.

Have A Great Day.


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I really enjoyed this post, thank you.