Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You Can't Hide Your Passion Under A Basket

While attending the Austin Business Bloggers Dinner last night (First Monday of the Month, 5:30 at Guero's) I heard a great quote from uber-blogger John Moore of The Brand Autopsy Blog. He powerfully stated that, "Passion Attracts Passion!", encouraging a new blogger to only write posts for which he is deeply inspired.

He is right. Regardless of what you do for a living, you need to let your passion shine through if you want to succeed. It is like a magnet, drawing others to your cause.

If you are currently working in a job you do not love....that will be visible to everyone around you. On the flip side, if you are on-fire about your career....the world will know it.

John is correct, PASSION ATTRACTS PASSION! Those who are passionate are drawn to others who share that special spark about life. And those who are stuck in the mud are usually surrounded by others who are equally stuck.

Look around at those in your life. It is like looking in a mirror. If you are not impressed with what you see, and you might feel you need new friends! To find those new friends, examine your attitude toward everything you do. You can't hide your passion under a basket, it will always shine through. Find passion and others will find you.

Have A Great Day.



Anonymous said...

Thom ... right back at ya ... your line of "Find passion and others will find you" is tasty. I might just have to use that line sometime.

JibberJobber Guy said...

mmm, looks like the monthly dinners are getting gooder and gooder! Sorry I had to miss this one but I'm really pleased that you guys have kept it up! Glad to report that the Salt Lake City group has meet consistently also ;)