Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Networking Advice From Ireland

Last week I posted a list of "Networking Do's" from my new friend, Tricia Murphy, in Ireland. Today I share her list of "Networking Don'ts".

Networking Tips - Don'ts

Don't misconstrue networking to be a sales plan.

Don't be blinded by goals, only guided by them.

Don't be quick to make judgements about people you meet, today's tin could be tomorrows gold.

Don't hand out your business cards willy nilly to people you haven't had a conversation with, you will look pushy, desperate or (horrors!) both.

Don't ask for more than people are willing to give.

Don't be invasive and ask too many questions.

Don't overstay your welcome.

Don't use disparaging humour.

Don't bad mouth people you never know who is listening and knows the party you are talking about.

Don't try to network with your hands full - leave glass/teacup/handbag/briefcase to one side and concentrate on networking.

Don't get caught doing the handbag shuffle or the deep pocket dig - never just throw some business cards into your handbag or your pocket - they will only ever appear with dog ears and the impression will be negative not positive.

Don't pursue, pester or push people, as you will almost certainly loose the contact.

Don't break any promises made i.e. to pass on information, contacts, meet for coffee etc.

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Great suggestions on the Don'ts!

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