Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Emotional Vampires

Everyone knows someone in their business life who can spiritually drain the energy from the room. These are the "emotional vampires" of the business world, and they are out there lurking in the shadows. They are waiting to knock you off from what is otherwise a great day. They suck the life force from your veins, and you are left feeling numb after spending time with these leaches.

It does not matter what industry you work in, these LeStats' of Business are everywhere. Like the LeStat of Anne Rice's novels, these people start off their careers with ambitious ideas, but soon the knowledge of the triviality of their life sends them off casting darkness in their wake.

Music industry producer, RW Rushing, attributes his business success to his philosophy of "only going where the love is". He will not work with "emotional vampires", as he proclaims to need to keep the available space in his life open for those whom want to share the good. He will not spend his time with artists who whine and complain, but rather looks for those who want to create music and rock the world.

Rushing is the VP A&R for the up and coming Reggae/Rock phenomenon, Subrosa Union. The band are "Buzz Kids", which means they are already creating the necessary buzz to take the music industry by storm. He enjoys working with this high-energy, young band who defy the term "genre". He sees them as hard working musicians who love what they do... and their love of music is infectious to all who are around them. Their audiences go away happy and energized, and you can hear the "umph" in their music (Click here to listen to the band, their music is sure to lift your spirits!!). They fill up Rushing's world with their positive energy, keeping in line with his personal philosophy of following the love.

Take the time to examine your own life. Do you have too many people who drain the good from your world? All you need is some garlic and a wooden stake (metaphorically), and you can drive the "emotional vampires" out of your space. To do this you have to recognize negativity when it arrives, and have a policy that keeps the gossip, whining, complaining, and bitching out of your life. Tell those who revel in the darkness to take it somewhere else. Walk away.

While you can't kill them, you can keep these "vampires" from sapping your energy. Surround yourself with people who are successful and confident. I have found that those who are truly successful do not get in the swampy waters. They never be-little others for their dreams and desires. Instead they find ways to help others achieve greater success.

Have A Great Day.



Nick said...

Hey Thom - I have been reading your blog for awhile, enjoy your posts. Found out about you from my buddy Jason Alba of JibberJobber fame.

Anyhow, I have a comment about this topic. I really think a lot these people--and I know lots of them myself--really could use some basic mental health care. I'm not one to medicalize every little issue (actually, yes I am), but depression, social anxiety, OCD, etc., are real, and quite prevalent. They're REALLY treatable as well. So when I have to deal with these types, if I have any bank account at all, I spend my energy getting them to think in that direction. It also helps you to have more compassion for that negative individual to realize that they're probably facing a struggle.

Anonymous said...

I like the music of this band. Very good. Thank you.

lindyasimus said...

While I understand the vampire thing, the little voice in my head tells me that I need to stick my 2c in here and comment.

I have met a lot of people who could fall into this category, and have become pretty good in recent years, in attracting people to me who are not like this. However from time to time I come into contact with them and when the mood strikes me I will spend some time with one.

Invariably, there are some very suspect thinking patterns that the person is using. Strangely enough, sometimes the smallest interrupt in their usual pattern can lead them into a whole new more hopefull and perhaps more outward looking frame of mind.

In any event, while I don't advocate going out to look for these people, I am ever mindful that the control over where my energy goes is mine. No matter with whom I am speaking. If I continue to allow my energy to bleed out toward these people, then it is up to me to learn to staunch that flow. After all, they can only take what I allow them to have. Avoiding them altogether is at best a temporary fix. There are too many of them to avoid. Better to learn to control what is in my own hands, than to allow others to hold the locus of my control.

Nice blog. I'll be checking back I think. Regards