Thursday, March 08, 2007

Networking Wisdom From Ireland (Besides The Sage Advice of "Always Network Over A Glass Of Guiness!!!)

I recently exchanged emails with a delightful woman from Dublin, Ireland who is that country's leading expert on networking. I visited her website and found the following list of important "Do's" (and a list of "Don't's", which I will post later). This is a great list.

A precious gem from the Emerald Island (My mother was another...although born in Los Angeles, she was 100% an Irish Lass).

Ireland is quickly becoming the most amazing place in the European Union for business. They are booming, and the sky is the limit. And, they embrace the importance of building and cultivating a professional network, which can only lead to greater success.

Networking Do's

Do keep in mind that networking is about being genuine and authentic, building trust and relationships, and seeing how you can help others.

Do lead by example - pass on contacts, newspaper clippings, etc. that you think might be of interest to someone else in your network.

Do make sure you put in a follow up call/email after you have passed a contact along see how it went.

Do invite newcomers into the conversation next time you may be the newcomer looking for a welcome!

Do shake hands and make eye contact.

Do be confident and welcoming without being too OTT.

Do keep your business cards neat and tidy - use a business card wallet or an antique cigarette case to keep the dog-ears at bay.

Do carry a pen to make notes on the cards you collect - date, function/event, other relevant details. Also make a note if you think the person you have just met would be worth introducing to someone else in your network.

Do tell people what you are looking for - business and personal within reason.

Do ask someone you know to introduce you to someone you particularly want to meet.

Do stay in touch when you need nothing from the other person.

Do be involved - be seen on the scene.

Do pass on praise that you have heard.

Do follow up, follow up, and follow up in a Timely and Appropriately Persistent Manner (TAP).

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JibberJobber Guy said...

That's a great list - its really cool to see this type of stuff coming out of different countries/cultures. Thanks for sharing this Thom.

- jason