Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Find Those Feelings Of Delight In The World

The post from Friday about igniting your passion for life got nice attention over the weekend. I received a couple of emails from people who really related to my story of wanting to feel the high level of emotions, and that lust for life, that was present with youth. (And "hello" to Joe from Colorado, thanks for you great note!)

Apparently there are many who just feel dulled by the realities of living.

I continue to think about passion, emotions, excitement and joy for every little thing we encounter daily. It is not just about having the big goals, but instead we want to feel our own powerful emotions.

The spark in your soul that makes your heart beat faster is easy to misplace. Yet, as long as we draw breath, it is still there. Different people have unique ways of knowing their passion for their world, but when we lose our way it can seem a million miles distant.

Based on my recent conversations I know that people want to recapture joi de vive. I have found that I regained some excitement for life by simply wanting to feel. It is interesting that my new job has gotten me fired up about my career again. It has been a few years since I have worked in an entrepreneurial environment and this change is a good thing. I am excited about the future, and about making a contribution. However, change alone is not enough to make people really connect with their internal passion for the world around them.

In December I am going to celebrate and highlight people whom I encounter who have real passion for their lives. I will both write observations and interviews on this blog that will hopefully expose the power that I think exists when someone is really in sync with doing what they love.

I welcome suggestions of people to write about, or other tid-bits of information that can help people re-discover the spark. We all have it. We are born with it. Have you ever seen a baby that did not have that internal sparkle? It is not like you were born and the doctor said, "Nope, not this one, she has not passion". We all start out with curiosity, excitement and the need for self-expression. Dr. Barbara DeAngelis calls it being "juicy". I am not sure this is a medical term, but I get her point.

Enjoy the December focus on the blog.

Have A Great Day.


****The Celebrate Passion Project on "The Some Assembly Required Blog" will run all month in December 2007. Every post this month will touch on honoring people who have a special spark for life or helping others (and me!) to discover ways to re-ignite our internal passions for our world.

I challenge other bloggers who read this to dedicate one day in December on their blog to "The Celebrate Passion Project", and in their own way praise those they encounter who have a special way of expressing the excitement in their soul. And then encourage your readers to do the same!

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