Friday, November 30, 2007

Ignite Your Passion For Life

Do you still have that spark for life that you had when you were younger? I don't care your age, but as I sit here at 41-years-old, I am excited about all that is currently happening in my career, personal life and just things in general...and I long for what is still around the corner.....but I am not sure if I have that same level of enthusiasm inside my soul that I had when I was 26.

Last night I had a couple of beers with a business friend who is 26. He is a successful sales professional who is making great waves in his company, and is looking at opening a new territory for the firm. This would involve a relocation, but that excites him to enter a new city and build a life and a career from the ground up. He is also captivated by the new woman in his life, and you can tell when he talks that he is feeling all the passion of life.

It was like looking back into a time capsule. Sixteen years ago I was 25 when I moved to Austin with my girlfriend (who is now my wife of 15 years). We did not know anyone, but we set out on the adventure that has become a our life. While there have been ups and downs (careers and personal), we have created something together. Something wonderful. Austin is an amazing place for us to live and raise our daughters.

The most interesting thing was my friend looked at my life, with a wife and children, as his desire for the future. I was looking at him and seeing my past, and he was looking at me and seeing his future.

However, I wondered if the day to day grind has jaded my enthusiasm? Do I have that same spark? Do I feel all the passion of life? Maybe...yes, maybe I do. I at least know that I feel some of it. Part of those feelings might have been put aside because of the pressures of life, but excitement is still inside me clawing to get out and shine on the world.

Thus my young friend, who has his life in front of him, has inspired me. I am not going to allow my enthusiasm for my family, my job, my books, my speaking career or any part of my world to be masked over. I am not sure how to accomplish this, but I instinctively know that I am in control. That spark is there, and where there is a spark, there can be a raging fire.

How about you, the reader of this blog post? Can you ignite your passion for life? What were you like ten years ago? What inspired you deep in your soul? Rediscover those feelings of hope and wonder. How great would it be to live life with a giant smile on your face. Let's do just that!

Have A Great Day.



Tom Magness said...

The key is to keep challenging ourselves...and never stop growing. Like you, I am 40+. I am running my first half-marathon in a few weeks...and considering my first full marathon after that. I am working on my first book. I'm reading several books and magazines...and checking out a variety of blogs like yours on a regular basis. I think that spark lives on in all of us if we keep pursuing new things and never, never stop growing! Thanks Thom. Hooah!

Thom Singer said...


Thanks for the comment. You are right, it is up to each of us to keep ourselves motivated. I do it, but it was obvious while spending time with my new friend that he has that natural love of life that comes with being young. I admire that, and plan to regain that feeling. You know, being over 40, that life has a way of throwing you curve balls. The trick is not to let it discourage you from swinging the bat.


Jon Ray said...

Let's see. 10 years ago I was 13 and probably the only one of my friends still hosting weekly lemonade stands. There was just something about being in business for myself that was appealing, even at such a young age.

That enthusiasm spread to holding promotional BBQs that I used to build up a list of sponsors in my small hometown. I later started working as a marketing rep for two of those sponsors and finally had the budget to throw really big events and parties.

All of those experiences went into the formation of my production and marketing firm that I have now, Suited Productions. Do I still have the same spark I had when I was 13? I'd like to think my enthusiasm has only grown.

What I've realized is that while it's satisfying to make a name and money for yourself, it's down right addictive when your abilities can make someone else a lot of money.

Having that initial spark is super important, but it doesn't become a full on fire until you're given the opportunity to place it under someone else's tinder.