Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Celebrate Passion Project - Entrepreneurs

My friend Aruni at the entrepreMusings Blog has reminded me that entrepreneurs have passion. She sent me an email with some good suggestions of people who have that internal fire for their work, as she could tell from my posts that I was disappointed not to see as much real excitement in the world as I had hoped for when I began this Celebrate Passion Project.

Her words are still ringing loudly in my ears days later:

"It is hard to find those people with true passion but keep in mind that passion manifests itself in many different ways. quiet passion. loud passion. still passion. smart passion. boisterous passion, etc.."

Aruni is correct. Passion is not necessarily something that has to smack us in the face. Many are engaged in work that inspires them at the core, but they do not necessarily advertise their feelings.

She also shared a post on her blog a couple of days ago about her own journey as an entrepreneur. She founded a company years ago during the "Tech Boom", and after that experience had removed herself from that crazy nutty start-up world. Yet entrepreneurs who have that inner drive cannot escape the calling. Now seven years later she is back with a new passion for a new business, Babble Soft.

I know Aruni has passion for this new company, and she has focused my attention on the fact that entrepreneurs in general have that spark to create and build that I have been seeking in this project. I appreciate her emails and blog post, as they reminded me that I am surrounded by people with passion. She also reminded me that it can wear many hats.

Here is to entrepreneurs everywhere. I celebrate you!

Have A Great Day.



JibberJobber Guy said...

Thanks Thom, now I feel celebrated ;)

Aruni said...

Wow Thom! Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it. I also think passion ebbs and flows from week to week, day to day, even minute to minute. It's those very rare few people who can keep up their passion and zest for life on a constant basis. I haven't personally met a person like that yet but I'm guessing people like the Dalai Lama would be one of those. As we have read, even Mother Teresa had her doubts. We are all human after all.

Happy Holidays!