Thursday, December 13, 2007

Celebrate Passion Project - The Kid At The Bowling Alley

I took my daughters bowling on Saturday afternoon. We had a great time, and I always love having the chance to spend time with them doing something fun.

We all got a kick out of watching the little boy in the next lane. His name was JJ and he was four-years-old. He got so excited every time he bowled. It did not matter to him if he got a strike or a spare, just hitting one pin made him so dang happy. He would leap in the air and run back to hug his mom and dad.

The score meant nothing to him, as just rolling the ball sent him into a state of pure joy. It was great.

Attaining this state of passion that is naturally exciting is what I have been talking in the last few posts and the whole point of the "Celebrate Passion Project". It is what you see in a four year old kid who is just engulfed in fun. That is what I think we all long to feel.

Why is this so rare in grown-ups?

Have A Great Day.


****The Celebrate Passion Project on "The Some Assembly Required Blog" will run all month in December 2007. Every post this month will touch on honoring people who have a special spark for life or helping others (and me!) to discover ways to re-ignite our internal passions for our world.

I challenge other bloggers who read this to dedicate one day in December on their blog to "The Celebrate Passion Project", and in their own way praise those they encounter who have a special way of expressing the excitement in their soul. And then encourage your readers to do the same!

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