Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What Tech Bubble?

I know I have dedicated the month of December to celebrating the passion that drives people to succeed beyond their wildest dreams...., but this video is too dang funny for those who work in and around the tech industry. Robert Scoble claims to have spit Diet Coke out his nose he laughed so hard.

Yet this does fit with the theme of the month, because entrepreneurs (tech or otherwise) have to have passion or they could not survive the up and downs of their industry. Plus, the creator of this video has to have that creative spark, or it would not be so good.

Watch and laugh!

Have A Great Day.


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Anita said...

OK, I made sure I wasn't drinking anything when I watched this after the warning about Diet Coke...very funny but a very sobering reminder that we can't always pay the mortgage with passion alone.

Anita Bruzzese