Monday, December 31, 2007

The Celebrate Passion Project - What I learned

A month ago I began The Celebrate Passion Project after being inspired by a chance meeting with a 26-year-old guy who was over flowing with excitement for his future. I remembered being 26 and feeling that same way. The world was wide open and full of opportunities. I admired this young man's passion, and it launched a month long dedication on this blog to honoring all who ooze with a lust for life.

So What Did I Learn?

My initial thoughts were how easy it would be to write posts for the blog in December. I had imagined stumbling upon people with amazing passion at every corner. My hope was that so man people would be excited about life that choosing what to write would be difficult. Instead I found few examples worthy of being highlighted.

I learned that passion, I mean real PASSION, is rare. Too many people are just going through the motions. Some lose their optimism and drive because of negative experiences, others just never started with any spark in their soul.

When we cross paths with those who truly have passion, it inspires us to accomplish more in our own lives. Therefore we should celebrate these individuals regularly. I discovered from this writing project that there is far too much "blah" in the world. I am newly dedicated to stamping out that "blah-ness" in my own life, and to inspire others to do the same thing.

From a standing ovation for a seminary student during a Catholic mass to a journalist who views her job as a calling larger than herself, The Celebrate Passion Project touched my heart. I want to live with joy and excitement as my companions. By looking for those with passion, I re-discovered it in myself.

I also learned that people express their joi de vivre in different ways. I was reminded by other bloggers that just because I do not see passion, that is evidence proof of its absence. We are all different and people express their joy and dedication in a variety of ways. Not all will wear their passion on their sleeve.

Finally, passion can change the world. My interview ("PEAS and Passion") with Connie Reece about her involvement in the Frozen Pea Fund and the raising of money via Twitter and other social media for breast cancer research was my favorite of all the posts. With passion you can move others to take action!

I hope everyone has enjoyed these special blog posts. I have.

Have A Great Day


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