Thursday, December 06, 2007

Passion In Reality TV

I have asked people to send me examples of where passion, talent, and that "inner-spark" shines through. Mark sent me this clip from a reality show out of the UK, and it is amazing to watch.

"Brittan's Got Talent" (You know, the original version of "America's Got Talent") is not just a title, it is a statement. Here is what we all wish for when watching a TV talent show, but so rarely get to see.

Enjoy the clip (video seems a good way to show passion! This guy has it).

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Chris Hyde said...

The cool thing is that guy went on to win "Britain's Got Talent" and got a recording contract. He went from a cell phone salesman to an opera singer almost overnight. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow! He's amazing! Good for him! He's the kind of example that really makes you happy and teary and proud all at the same time and you don't even have to know him.

Joe Kovacs said...

Stellar. Incredibly moving. This is what talent shows should be about....

Tom Magness said...


I totally missed this. Not sure where I have been. What an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.