Monday, December 10, 2007

Celebrate Passion Project - Evil Knievel

I learned on the news over the weekend that 1970's icon and motorcycle dare-devil Evil Knievel passed away on Friday at the age of 69. His funeral is today in Montana.

Any boy, and many girls, who grew up in the United States who is over the age of forty remembers this guy. Who can forget the image of this caped man on his bike jumping cars, buses and Snake River Canyon.

He was not Superman, as he sometimes crashed and even spent time in a coma following an accident. But this is why everyone turned out to watch. You are not a real life dare-devil if you are not taking risks!

Evil Knievel had passion. This is what created the hype for his jumps long before it became trendy to create hype (today's world of celebrity is all about hype).

I had an Evil Knievel action figure as a kid. It rode a fast speed toy motorcycle that would go over the plastic jumps high over my collection of Hot Wheels. More often it crashed into furniture or the dog. Yet it was the real man's love of jumping his motorcycle over large objects that captivated people.

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****The Celebrate Passion Project on "The Some Assembly Required Blog" will run all month in December 2007. Every post this month will touch on honoring people who have a special spark for life or helping others (and me!) to discover ways to re-ignite our internal passions for our world.

I challenge other bloggers who read this to dedicate one day in December on their blog to "The Celebrate Passion Project", and in their own way praise those they encounter who have a special way of expressing the excitement in their soul. And then encourage your readers to do the same!

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