Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Thank You" For Being You

Tim Sanders had a post on his blog, The Sanders Says Blog, last week about expressing "thank you" to those who impact your life. He says that every Friday he makes a list of three people who have helped him in some way during the week, and then before lunch on Monday he writes or calls that person and let's them know his gratitude about their contribution. If they are "repeat offenders" he ups the anty with gifts, referrals, etc... The point is that he does this on Monday!


I am a big believer in sending notes and saying "thank you"...but I have not made this a formal part of my weekly routine. What a great idea!

I have done something similar, with amazing results. In December I identify five people who have touched my life in some way throughout the year and I send them a note or an email identifying this practice, and thanking them for their actions to better my life. But I think I like Tim's weekly efforts are an even better idea.

Today is Wednesday. Start right now examining your week. Who has helped you in some way, big or small, since Monday? Begin keeping a list. Look for ways to catch others doing things that are of benefit. A fantastic bi-product is that if you are examining how people help, you cannot be spending that exact moment identifying their faults! Discovering the positive in people will make your whole attitude about them blossom into a bouquet.

I would like to start right now and thank YOU....the reader of The Some Assembly Required Blog. I appreciate all the regular readers and the one-time visitors.

Have A Great Day.


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