Monday, April 23, 2007

SuperCuts and Inflation

On the news this morning they were laughing about presidential candidate, John Edwards, and his $400 haircuts. I missed the main part of the story, but was thinking about the delta of $386 between my haircuts and this man's grooming rituals.

$400 for a haircut?

Obviously my life is very, very different from Mr. Edwards.



Andrew Flusche said...


I remember some hubbub about Clinton getting really expensive haircuts as well. Maybe that's a prerequisite for the presidency.

I must not have a chance in Hades of being President - I cut my own hair!

Take care,

Thom Singer said...


You cut your own hair? Maybe that would be a good way to select a president. I bet someone who is that frugal would be better at watching the national budget than a guy with a $400 haircut.

Andrew for President!


Pete Johnson said...

What I want to know is, Thom, where are you getting $4 haircuts? Mine typically cost me $12, and I'm BALD!

Clearly Great Clips is ripping me off.

Thom Singer said...

I thought I had a, ....$14. (not $4).

Pete Johnson said...

Duh Pete. Demonstrating my engineering acumen by failing to properly subtract 386 from 400.

I still think I should get a dis cont, though. 8)