Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wedding Anniversary

15 years ago today I married Sara!!!

Marriage is not always easy, and raising kids is a hectic full-time job....but somehow we have made it work. She is an amazing person, with a loving heart.... A wonderful mother..... My friend and the love of my life.

Hard times? Yep, we've had 'em. So what, everyone does.

Fortunately, the good times are more plentiful. We are building a family that is washed in unconditional love.

Today I celebrate my family. Look at that photo...and I lucky or what!!!

Happy Anniversary, Sara. I love you.



Musa said...

Hei Thom,

You have a wonderful family! Happy Anniversary to you both..

Connie Reece said...

Happy Anniversary, Thom and Sara. You have a beautiful family -- keep them close.

Santosh said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary. Gift ideas:

Chris said...

Hey Thom...

Congratulations! I really enjoyed finally meeting Sara last summer. 15 years...amazing! Lynne and I will celebrate our 15th in June so we're right behind you. Happy Anniversary!

Carlon Haas said...

Congratulations, Thom....a little late, but heartfelt nonetheless.