Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Little Gratitude

Tom Chiarella has a great article in this months Esquire Magazine called "A Little Gratitude: How to change the way the world sees you, one thank-you note at a time".

It is a quippy and clever article, in the Esquire style. The best point he makes is; "Every verbal thank-you, even a sincere one, risks being forgettable."

WAMMO. Write your thank-you's on paper and mail them to those with whom you are grateful. It will stand out.

I was at a conference a few weeks ago when a woman, challenging the speaker on the importance of hand-written notes said; "hand notes are creepy....I would feel like a stalker for sending one to a prospect after a first meeting".

I know the woman who made the comment and she also won an award of recognition at the conference. When I got back I mailed her a hand-written note telling her it was great to see her again, and congratulated her on her award. Her reaction..... she was pleased to hear from me. She did not find it "creepy". She also got the point about the power of hand-written notes!!

Have A Great Day.


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Dan Naden said...

I also remember the note that you sent me after one of Steve Harper's Ripple events. That gesture really made a difference and has stuck with me to this day. If I just got your business card, I probably would have just discarded it like yesterday's newspaper. But a hand-written note makes an impression. Keep up the great work.

Dan Naden