Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Parade - Blog Archive Day!!!

Today I encourage you to go back in history. Select a date in the last year or two (your birthday, perhaps) and click through on the archives (look on the left hand side of the page) of The Some Assembly Required Blog and re-read that post.

Come on, it wont take that much time. Who knows, your karma might be just right and you will discover a nugget of knowledge or inspiration that will effect your whole day in some amazing manner.

As encouragement, if you do this, and then leave a relevant comment on this post telling us what your read, I will enter you in a drawing to receive a free copy of my new book, The ABC's of Networking (New Year Publishing, 2007). You must leave your comment by Sunday, April 22nd. The book has only been available for one week, so be the first on your block to read the darn thing!

Have A Great Day



David Zinger said...

I liked your idea, it also shows how much you have written.

It took some clicking to get to Sept 24, 2006. You posted about disagreement and conflict. I had just finished a post on my employee engagement blog on conflict between union and management over employee engagement and I hope the conflict can be seen from the more inclusive pespective you suggest.

The post was here:

I chose the 24th of September because it was my birthday. So I'll blow out the candles not the conflict.

Thom Singer said...


You you were the only one to comment.

email me your address and I will send you the book.