Monday, April 16, 2007

The Kevin Costner School of Business Development

If you are a lawyer or other service professional, by now you know the importance of having a marketing plan (you know about it, but this does not mean you believe in it or that you have acted on it). Your firm needs a plan and you need a plan.

Said plans cannot just be lip-service, you must execute your plan. You must devote some time to thinking about your marketing and business development efforts or you will fail. Strategize, buddy, strategize.

I know many professionals who hate marketing, networking, and business development. These very talented individuals spend hours rationalizing why they do not need to worry about these business disciplines. They proclaim that their practice is "different". They tell all who will listen that if they just do great work, the clients will line up at the door.

This is what I like to call the "Kevin Costner School of Business Development" - If you build it, they will come! (Remember the movie Field of Dreams?) Is your professional career real life or a feel-good movie?

While some prospective clients might find you, others will never know you exist. If they do not know about you, then you are leaving money on the table. I am not sure about you - BUT I HATE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE!!! Someone has to take responsibility for promoting your business...and that someone is YOU!

The time has come. Stop rationalizing, and embrace the business skills necessary to enhance your pipeline of future customers. Create a culture inside your firm that celebrates business development. Tell your partners who are neanderthals that the dinosaurs were out years ago, and they need to adapt or die along with the giant lizards.

Have A Great Day.


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bizdev_guy said...

So, so true. Marketing always seems to come as an after-thought, when in my estimation, it should come first! Having a better mouse-trap that nobody knows about equates to a big, fat, ZERO.

Gotta bring it to the people.