Thursday, April 12, 2007

Take The Time To Spread The Word

I got the following email from Susan Baughman, who is a professional speaker, entertainer and business development expert in Austin, Texas. She attended the event where Scott Ingram and I spoke for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday of this week. We spoke about the importance of "Word of Mouth Marketing" in regards to your personal networking and branding.

Here is the email she sent to Scott and myself....and I wanted to share it with the readers of the blog, as it is a good example of how fast you can make an impression:

Thom & Scott,

This is a story that I MUST share with you for a Word of Mouth Marketing example.

Garry & I went to Casa Chapala last night, after being so impressed by the owner's caring of all of us at the GACC breakfast.We had what is truly the best meal we've had at a Mexican restaurant in Austin! It was fabulous!

They started by making the salsa at the table! fresh! - impressive. The menu is extensive, with lots of very interesting and unusual (for Austin) choices - lots of meat stews, lots of cactus dishes (the cactus salad was delicious), and their "house specials" are intriguing. I went with Enchiladas Verde sauce (from the healthy section of the menu) and Garry had the Molcajete (a house special). Both were just perfect! and to top it all off: the margaritas are huge and yummy!Overall, it was truly spectacular, and we now will be heading less to East Austin and our usual El Azteca, El Mason and Los Comales, and way more to the west side of I-35 and heading to Casa Chapala again (and again and again....).

On the way back home, we drove past a walker in the neighborhood - it was Marc Miller, who sat at my table that morning! We stopped the car and filled him in on the greatness of Casa Chapala for dinner, so Word of Mouth Marketing kicked in within MINUTES of our meal!


The restaurant got a good review, but more importantly, I am reminded as to how treating your customers well (like Casa Chapala did that morning!) can instantly start the word flowing about your business.

Thank you, Susan, for telling us about your experience. This is a great example of someone taking the time to share a great experience...and how it benefits everyone!

Have A Great Day.


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