Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Follow Up Alert

We all meet interesting people, but rarely do people follow up properly. Thus we miss the opportunity to build on that initial meeting and create a new friendship. They just drift away. Poof, they are gone.

Think hard for a moment about someone cool that you have encountered in the last two weeks. It does not matter where you met them, just that you had a conversation and you feel they would be goodto know better, and that you would like to have them in your network of professional contacts.

Now, do something about it. Send them a note, and email or call on the telephone. The manner in which you follow up is up to you and depends the specific situation, but if you do nothing you have no chance of advancing the relationship. If you schedule breakfast, lunch or coffee....you might discover a new friend.

Don't be shy, just do it. In most cases they will be honored to hear from you and welcome the chance to know you better. If they are not, oh well....you tried!

Have A Great Day.


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