Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Point Out People's Strengths

Leadership guru, John Maxwell, and relationship expert, Les Parrott have a great book called "25 Ways To Win With People". It is a fast read, and full of amazing advice on how to better relate to those whom you encounter on the journey of your life. Nobody excels in a vacuum, and thus the better you can get along with others, the more success you will discover.

Lesson number 23 is my favorite: "Point Out People's Strengths". So often we encounter folks who are quick to criticize. They will gladly talk about all the mistakes and shortcomings of others. However, rarely do these people praise others for what makes them phenomenal.

On page 154 they say "The self-proclaimed 'experts' who spend their time telling others what's wrong with them never win with people. Most people simply avoid them". This is true. If you are always finding fault, opportunities will be missed. People do business with people they know, like and trust. If they do not like you (and do not trust you to support them), they will take their business and their friendship elsewhere.

Rather than being a "naysayer".....go out of your way to encourage the goals and dreams of other people. Praise them. Tell others about what makes them special. Lift them up. Support them. Do what you can to help them find success.

Do not be jealous or petty. Life is not a zero sum game. There is abundance for everyone, and when focus on the good in others, they will reflect it back to you like a mirror.

I know people who have a knee-jerk reaction to criticize. I see them as jerks.

I know other people who wear their love on the surface. I love these people.

Hmmmmmm, maybe there is a connection.

Have A Great Day.


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