Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Networking Carnival - 6th Edition

Hey, Welcome back to the Networking Carnival. There are some good submissions for April.
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Here is the great posts that you should read for this month.....

From Charles H. Green at The Trusted Advisors Associates Blog: "Trust and Social Networking"
From Bill Bradle at The Wise Bread Blog: "Why A Bad First Job Is Good For You"

From The Positivity Blog: "Do You Make These 10 Mistakes In A Conversation?"

From Broc Copeland at The Existential Ventures Blog: "Underground Blogosphere"

From The Great FX Business Cards Blog: "Business Card Etiquette for Entrepreneurs"

From Susan Velez at The Secret to Life Blog: "The Power of Intention"

More from Susan Velez at The Secret to Life Blog: "Not Promised Tomorrow"
From Edith Yeung at The Dream Think Act Blog: "The 7 Rules of Networking Made Easy"
From John Peter of the Blog: "Business Networking Techniques"
From Laura Young at The Dragon Slayers Guide To Life Blog: "Social Networking: Trolling for Friends?"

Have A Great Day.

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