Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

I am up early on Easter morning.

Yes, there were eggs to hide....and I could not sleep for fear that my kids would wake before the Easter Bunny could properly do his duty.

Mission accomplished!!!

I wish, to those who celebrate Easter, a wonderful and spectacular holiday.

I find all religious holidays a great chance for peace and harmony amongst people of all faiths and beliefs. I think all people should embrace tolerance and look for what we have in common....rather than focusing on differences. Any holiday is an opportunity to surround yourself with joy.

I also think that those who do not have spiritual beliefs, if they are truly open to "all", can embrace religious holidays as a chance to honor those with different points of view.

I was in Starbucks yesterday and overheard the conversation of two teenage girls. They were mocking their grandparents "belief" in God. They felt put out that they had to go to family gatherings on Easter. One was disgusted that her dad would make her go to church! Here were two teenagers who obviously came from families that had some level of comfort, and both were dreading having to "celebrate" a holiday with those who love them. They had little appreciation for anything beyond themselves (except for their expensive handbags).

I like to see people celebrate their faith. I find the traditions of all religions to be fascinating and inspiring. It does not have to be my religion, I just like the spiritual side of life.

Regardless of your faith, I hope that your day is filled with love, joy, peace, renewal, and a sense of the amazing.

Happy Easter.


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Anonymous said...

You are right, nobody should look down on others who believe in a faith (any legitmate faith...and thanks for that link to We should all respect others. But that is the problem these days, too many people see their own views as the ONLY way. If people were really open about things, they would welcome others points of view. Yet most people are self-centered and only see the world their own way. You never hear "wow, you while we differ, I respect your beliefs". If that was said more often we would have peace. But people would rather find a way to be "right" over all else. That causes pain in the world.

barbara in Dallas, TX.