Thursday, April 12, 2007

Readers are Leaders

Readers are Leaders. I don't know who said that, but I do know it is true. If you look closely at those who are successful, they are not the ones who sit on their butts watching TV and playing video games all the time (that does not mean they NEVER watch TV or play games, they just balance it!).

Seriously, if you are not investing time every day to read and learn, then you are just stuck in a rut. You must advance your knowledge. To assume you already know enough is arrogant.

Great, you read blogs (we know that, because you are reading this). However, I am still a bit "old-school" and think you need to read books on topics that can educate and inspire you to achieve greater levels of success in your career.

You become what you think about. Reading business books (or books on any topic that interests you), will focus your mind. Letting your mind drift without direction will produce no results.

I know, you don't like to read. You don't have time to read. You judge all books by their cover.

Get over it. Make reading part of your daily habit. Carve out 30 minutes each day and sit and read. You will be amazed at how it will effect your life in the long run. Get up early, stay up late, or turn off the television after dinner.

My father is 92-years-old. He is active, sharp and still has control of his mind. People ask him all the time what is his secret to staying so active. He claims it is that he exercises his mind all the time. He plays cards, does puzzles, and he READS EVERYDAY. He tries to learn something new. He likes business, golf and religious books. If he has nothing else he reads a few passages from the Bible (regardless of your level of religious belief, the Bible is actually worth reading, as it is full of useful advice that transcends religion). The trick is to learn something and get your mind thinking.

I don't know if Dad's commitment to reading is the reason to his being active into his nineties (he also physically exercises daily), but if he is right, you need to start now. Once you are dead it is too late to begin.

My goal is to read 25 - 30 books each year. I have already read ten in 2007.

Have A Great Day.


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