Saturday, April 14, 2007

More On Being Respectful Of Others

The ten-year-old kid and I went to Starbuck's to read. It is our weekend ritual. She gets a hot chocolate. I get a latte. We both read books for 45 minutes. I think it encourages her to enjoy reading, which will help her in many ways throughout her life. Regardless, it is our "thing" that we do each weekend (when there is time).

A family came in and sat down next to us. Their kids were running around, talking loudly, making a mess and bothering everyone. It was distracting, but I try not to get pissed about stuff like this. I just ignored it as best I could. I am aware there are times when my kids bother people....although I try to limit their crazy antics in public.

I was surprised that the parents were oblivious to the others who were trying to work and read in the area, but it goes hand-in-hand with my earlier post from this morning about being respectful to others.

I would love some blog comments on this topic. Am I alone in feeling that it has become okay in our society to ignore the feelings of other people? Are people entitled to put themselves ahead of others? Is offending other human beings a sport? Do players get points for how insensitive they can be to humanity?

I know I am not perfect....God knows, I struggle with my own actions along my life journey. But I do try. I try hard to be respectful of those around me, yet I do fail. Do others try and I just do not see it?

As a parent I want to teach my children to have gumption, but not to let their self-worth be insulting to others. I want them to be respectful to all good people. I do not want them to belittle others with whom they disagree. I want them to have pride but not prejudice. I desire them to let their light shine on the world, and not have them be the people who cloak people in darkness.

Am I just nuts?



Laura Ricci said...


Not at all. You simply got a refresher of why you are teaching your children your lessons of respect.

Reminders help us stay on track.

Anonymous said...

I can easily see why permissive parenting annoyed you - usually it's a standby for neglectful parenting - but what effect did it have on your daughter?

Kids' take on others' parents and their kids is always really telling. And thankfully, it validates your own parenting!

Liz said...

What you are describing is one of my pet peeves. I feel like people just don't pay attention to the needs of people around them anymore and I don't understand it.

Sometimes I think that people with kids just assume that the rest of us have to put up with whatever their kids do "because they are kids". That is not the way I was parents taught us to be quiet in restaurants, the movies, and in public in general.

Trooperdog said...

You're right on, Thom. It seems like there is a total lack of respect for others in our society. Everyone just seems to focus on themselves rather than others. I have even noticed it in our neighborhood. My next door neighbors take their trash cans out out to the street every Sunday evening between 11:00-11:30pm. I'm usually asleep by that time and I can't believe they are so rude to be loud with trash cans at that hour. And my experience in the church has proven that there are way too many overly-permissive parents in our society. Sorry to go on and on...but I consider this to be a big issue that will have profound effects as time goes on!

Carolyn Manning said...

I can see your point, Thom. Sometimes parents can be oblivious to what their kids do in public; makes you wonder what those same kids do in public when the parent's aren't around.