Thursday, April 26, 2007

Never, Never, Never Quit

Keep calling.

I received a telephone call today from the CEO of a company I have been calling for nearly a year. I have mailed him things, left voicemails, all the basic sales-guy stalking a buyer stuff. He never called back.

Today he did. He runs a sales-oriented organization and he called to tell me that he appreciated my calling efforts. Granted, he is on the board of the competition and will not be changing anytime soon...but he called nonetheless. And he agreed, that forever is a long time, and that someday he might need my company's services.

He also encouraged me to call on him quarterly and continue to build our relationship. I had not realized that we actually had a relationship, but apparently he has come to know me from my voicemails and witty mailings.

Just a reminder to never, never, never quit. I have 49 other prospects who do not return calls....and soon they will stop ignoring me as well.

Yes, this story would be more engaging if he had moved all his business....but stay tuned.

Have A Great Day.


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Mike said...

Congrats Thom! I'm sure you've written along these same lines before, as most of us have, but being able to say I never gave up and they finally gave in is sweet.

I found some stats I quoted along those lines last year -