Saturday, December 24, 2005

Weekend Blog 22 - A Christmas Memory

A Christmas Memory

I vividly remember Christmas Eve 1971. I was five years old.

After dinner my mom tucked me into bed. Getting to sleep early was very important, as Santa Claus, the big guy, would come that night. To not be asleep could risk his passing your house in his sleigh. That would mean no toys....and at five years old, it is all about the toys.

As she tucked me in I heard the bells outside in the distance. The jingling got louder, and through the drapes I could see the distinctive glow of Rudolph's red nose.

Swwwiiishhhhhhhhhhh, the red light passed at high speed right past my window while the jingle bells chimed.

"Hurry", my mother advised. "Santa is checking to see if the good boys and girls are asleep".

OH MY GOD!!! I pulled my head under the covers and tried to fall asleep as quickly as I could. I had seen the light from Rudolph's nose. HOW COOL IS THAT.

Years later I realized that my older brothers, all teenagers at this time, were working the bells and with a flashlight and some red plastic,.... running past my room.

Ahhhhhh, but the magic of Christmas was alive and well that night.

Have A Great Christmas.

Thom Singer

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Steve Harper said...

Too bad you had to discover years later that it wasn't Rudolph. I wish all of us could stay as innocent as that little boy who rushed to bed for fear the big guy would pass us by. If only we could go back.

Merry Christmas my friend and my best to your family. If you think about it, head to bed a little early tonight, just in case. Because I would swear, I heard bells off in the distance.