Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lessons From Rudolph

Rudolph was just an average raindeer. Sure, he had that red nose, which was very shiny. If you had seen it, yes.... you would have said it glowed, but it was really just annoying and caused him all kinds of problems.

All of the other reindeer simply did not appreciate Ruldolph. They even went so far as to constantly make fun of him and excluded him from reindeer networking events. Even his own father, Donner, was not fully supportive of him and privately confided to his best friend, Blitzen, that he was unsure if Rudolph would amount to anything in the reindeer business.

However, Rudolph hung in there. He believed in himself and his unique abilities, even when others did not. He continued to do his job and fine tuned his flying skills.

Then one rather foggy Christmas Eve there was a problem. The fog was so thick that the boss, Santa Claus, was not sure how they were going to honor their delivery guarantees to their clients around the world.

That was when they discovered that Rudolph was not so average after all. His red nose had the technology to shine through fog and light the way. His flying skills were superb, and he got a field promotion to lead reindeer, which included a raise of more straw and hay.

Because of his tenacious attitude and the gracious manner in which he treated his fellow co-workers (he never rubbed it in that he got the top job), they were not jealous of his assent into management, but rather, very supportive of Rudolph. One might even say that they loved him and shouted out with glee, as his contributions to the company made everyone more successful in their jobs.

The whole reindeer opperation flourished thanks to Rudolph's not quitting when faced with adversity. In the long run, he prevailed because of his "stick-to-it"philosophy.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, He'll Go Down In History!!!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Clever! Did Jackie help you right this post?