Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thank You Notes

Ahhhhh, the Holiday Season is drawing to a close.

OH SHOOT....It is time for Thank You Notes.

Your mother was right, you must properly thank people for the gifts you received during the holiday season (or anytime throughout the year).

Were you invited to a great corporate holiday party? Send a note thanking the person/people who invited you.

Got a great gift basket, popcorn tin, cookie bouquet or other present of good cheer (an ipod with a vendor's logo on it?)? Send a short note to acknowledge your appreciation.

Did someone give you a big piece of business or refer you for a new job in 2005? Send an expression of "Thanks".

A short investment of time to pen a handwritten thank you note is worth more than its weight in gold. So few people send thank you notes in our busy society that you will stand out from the crowd if you show others that they are worthy of this gesture of gratitude.

If you cannot immediately think of ten people who deserve your thanks, then you are not really networked in the first place (and therefore not reading this blog anyway).

Go on, just do it. Send your Thank You Notes today!!!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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