Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Goal Setting -- Day Three

This week we have talked about the importance of clarifying your goals and writing them down. Today I would like to focus on the three types of goals.

Business Goals: Since most of us spend over half of our days at work, achieving success in our careers is very important. Everyone has different ways of judging what success at work looks like, so their is no right or wrong answers to what types of business goals you should create. Maybe you want to find a new job, get a promotion, make more money, attain more responsibility, etc... The important thing is that you know what you want. By having goals in the workplace it will help you to be more productive and waste less time, as you will be focused on why you are there in the first place.

Personal Goals: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. No matter how important your job is, everyone has a personal life. Do not fall into the trap where you only look at goals as something you have for work. These goals may be some thing you create alone or with your spouse, kids, friends, etc.... Paying off credit cards, taking that trip to Europe, buying a new home, losing weight, attending all of your daughter's soccer games, etc... are all personal goals. Anything that you know you want to accomplish (or should accomplish) during the year, but that you know from experience get forgotten when all the other pressures of life pile up.

Soul Goals: These can often be the most important goals, as if you pay attention to your soul, it makes the rest of the things seem less daunting. I am not just talking about religion, but if you are a person of faith, that is part of it. Additionally I am talking about finding those activities that help you recourse your batteries. Golf, reading, running, meditation, talking a walk in the mountains, prayer, etc... are all examples of things that people do to get away from their daily routines. Find one or more activities that you enjoy that allow you to take some personal time and energize your soul. Even when you are busy with your business and personal life, take some time for yourself.

As I mentioned yesterday, you should have three to five goals in each category. Having just one goal would be too narrow of a focus, and having more than fifteen in one year would be too many.

Since all of your goals will be attainable, but not easy, you may or may not achieve them all during the year. That is okay. If you are trying to lose thirty pounds and you only use twenty-five, just because you did not meet the final goal, you are still better off because of the progress you made along the way. Do not obsess about checking the goal off the list, thrive in the process.

Have A Great Day

Thom Singer

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