Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Goal Setting -- Day Two

Yesterday we talked about the importance of knowing what you want to accomplish and writing your goals down on paper. Like a flight plan, your written goals are like a map that you should refer to regularly to keep yourself focused on where you are going.

But what should you write down? What does a goal look like? And how many goals should I chase at one time?

I suggest that you select five professional goals, five personal goals and five "Soul Goals" (we will discuss these three types of goals tomorrow). These goals should be things that will require your focus and effort to achieve, and something that you really desire.

Do not write down things that are too easy to accomplish or things that are impossible to achieve. A real goal needs to make you stretch yourself, but at the same time you should not be chasing windmills.

Be specific in what the goal is and WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE. Many people set random goals that have no end. ("Make more money in 2006" is not specific nor does it allow you to know when you have had success) .

Think about the "Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Rule" and apply them in creating your goals.

Who will be involved in helping me achieve this goal?

What will I need to do to reach this goal?

When will I start doing the thing necessary to accomplish this goal? (and how often will I need to focus on it?)

Where will the success be?

Why am I doing this?

How will achieving this goal effect my life?

Having this clarity on your goals will make them more than just something you wish or hope for, but instead you will feel the desire in your heart.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer


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