Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday Slacker

During these last two weeks of the year, do not allow yourself to fall into the "Holiday apathy" trap. It is easy to just coast at work for the last part of the year, as there are many distractions, and your boss and co-workers might be away visiting family.

Many people justify a "slacker" attitude during December and make excuses like:

"All of my clients are on vacation" (I doubt everyone is gone)

"I will get refocused in January" (Maybe, but why waste December?)

"My boss is gone, so who cares" (You should care)

"People do not like to be called by salespeople in December" (Really, do they LIKE it in January?)

"I am busy with 'year-end' activities" (That busy?)

"It has been a tough year" (So what? Finish it strong!!)

"Nobody else around here is working hard" (Then you will stand out from the crowd)

Instead of making excuses, look at the next two weeks as a time to double you efforts and set the momentum for 2006. Even if people are on vacation, leave a voicemail wishing them a "Merry Christmas"(no, it is not THAT politically incorrect to say that....or say "Happy Holidays") and letting them know you will call them in January.

If you have not yet sent your Christmas Cards (yes, there are a lot of people who still have not done that), then scrap that idea and make plans to send "New Year" cards. If you have not mailed your cards, the odds are slim they will arrive on time, and at this point the underlying message is "I could not get my act together so I am just rushing and sending these late". Use that time for more productive activities. (yes, this could mean throwing away or saving for next year the cards you already paid for...but that is better than broadcasting to your clients, prospects and friends that you are just not organized).

Come on, get excited for the last two weeks of the year and don't be a Holiday Slacker.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Steve Harper said...

I would comment on this blog but I am goofing off and taking it easy.

Just kidding!!!!

Great suggestions Thom!