Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mini Vacation

There is so many things that compete for our attention these days. A generation ago when someone left the office they were removed from much of the pressures and demands of their job. When at the office they were unconnected from home and friends. And on vacation or the golf course they were free from everything.

No so today. Communication technologies and the social media have linked all aspects of our lives together. We all carry electronic leashes that make us attainable at all hours. People get angry when you do not respond quickly, as immediate is the expectation. There is little time to be unconnected and just inside your own head.

I take an hour to read in Starbucks in the early morning before my day begins several days a week (not everyday, but often enough). I try to leave my computer and iPhone in the car during this short reprieve in my day, as it might be the only downtime I encounter. Not only can I not be interrupted by a call, but I am not tempted to check email or read the blog of a friend. It is just me, a book (or newspaper) and my brain.

Now, Starbucks is not totally free from distractions, as I love to people watch and often see people whom I know, which leads to face-to-face conversations... but for me, this is energizing. A not-pre-planned chat with a friend can be a very nice experience. No agenda, just talk, can make for a better encounter.

These mini-vacations are not enough to make up for the constant bombardment of information, expectations and responsibilities - but it is a start. In a world with little freedoms from being "plugged in", you gotta take what you can get!

What is your mini-vacation from the busy world?

Have A Great Day.


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