Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gold Class Cinema - Austin, Texas

My wife and I had the opportunity to attend a grand opening event at the Gold Class Cinema in Austin, Texas with forty of our friends.

The opening of Gold Class Cinema's fifth location in the United States has gotten a lot of buzz around town, and the experience definitely lived up to the hype.

The lobby and lounge were great. We met early and hung around with our friends before going into see Iron Man 2 (which rocked, by the way!). The theater seats were more comfortable than our sofa at home (and we have a comfy sofa!). On top of that they they reclined!!!

The staff was uber attentive and could be called to get you any food or drink need (or a pillow and blanket) by the push of a button. Think first-class on an airplane!

The food was great and well above what one might expect from a movie theater that serves dinner during the show... and they have a full bar.

Some reviews on Yelp and beyond have complained that Gold Class is expensive,.... however you are paying for quality food, top notch service and a luxurious environment. For a married couple with kids it is often not possible to go out for date night and have a high-end meal followed by a movie. The time commitment (plus the cost of a babysitter) makes it difficult. Gold Class Cinema solves this problem by rolling dinner and the movie into one.

It seems for single people this would be a classy venue to bring a date, as the atmosphere is much better than a regular movie theater.

This is also a great place for a corporate event or private party. You can book your seats or the whole theater (they have rooms with 24 or 40 seats) months in advance. Think executive retreat or birthday party (my birthday is coming up!)

Sara and I give Gold Class Cinema two thumbs up!

Have A Great Day.


***Full Disclosure: The party we attended was a free VIP grand opening event, so we did not pay for the experience. But we will go back again when it is not free, as it was a good way to spend an evening seeing a movie.

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