Thursday, May 27, 2010

Impact Happens In 45 Seconds or Less

A friend emailed me to tell me that she was offered a job that I had told her about.

That made my whole day!

An amazing non-profit organization was in need of a good director, and an experienced non-profit executive who was looking for her next opportunity. I knew them both. I saw the connection. I sent an email and made the introduction.

A month later she has a new job where she will shine and forever help the cause of this non-profit organization. The world will change for the better for everyone involved.

It took me 45 seconds.

People too often get busy, forget, or get distracted by squirrels. They want to have a positive impact on people, and they desire to be a connector. But in the end their own stuff gets in the way.

Keep your eyes open today for a connection that you can make that will impact others in a positive way!

Have A Great Day.


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