Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chicago Book Launch Party for "Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Graduates"

This week was the official launch of my newest book, "Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Graduates". The book is the fourth in the series, and is focused on the importance of networking to recent graduates.

Those who are beginning their careers have two important reasons to network:

1. Finding their first job.

2. Establishing a foundation of mutually beneficial connections that will lead to a lifetime of opportunities.

How you present yourself, serve others, and show your unique attributes will have an impact on a lifetime career. Starting early brings greater results.

The Book Launch Party was held in Chicago (home of my co-author, Anne Brown) at The Skybox on Sheffield, which overlooks Wrigley Field. It was a fantastic party, and a great sign that the book will be a huge success.

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Steve Crisler said...


Congratulations on the successful launch party, and thank you for sharing your very valuable wisdom with the rest of us. I wish this book had been around when I was a recent grad. It would have saved me weeks and months of blindly responding to help wanted ads! Keep up the great work.