Friday, May 21, 2010

The Best New Office Space In Austin - Smiley Media

Last night was the Open House for Smiley Media's new office space in Downtown Austin, Texas. The party was a grand opening of the new home for the fast growing company, but star of the night was the amazing build-out of the floor that was designed by The Bommarito Group.

Smiley Media CEO Stephen Oskoui had a cutting-edge vision for a functional and inspirational office that would serve the needs of his expanding business and facilitate creativity in the souls of all who work there. His ideas, coupled with the unique execution from the designers, produced the best new office space in Austin. It was cool to walk around the floor and look at all the views, conference rooms, phone rooms, funky cubicles, a cafe, a secret room, and amazing artistic touches.

The center-piece was "The Nest". This large over-sized sculpture (eight feet high) of twigs and branches encircled as a cocoon over a cozy sitting area where ideas can be "hatched". It was not something you find in the average office. It was simply cool.

Smiley Media is hiring and continuing to grow. They were #168 on the 2009 Inc 500, with revenues over $30 million in 2008. With all their success, they are still one of the best kept secrets in the Austin Business Community.

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