Sunday, March 01, 2009

I Believed This Time "Change" Was More Than A Slogan

It is the success of businesses that will be the engine that pulls our country (and the world) out of the current recession.

With all the government programs and the many faces of stimuli packages, we need more money to begin flowing into the treasury. This is only accomplished through taxes. However, raising the percentage that individuals and corporations pay can be counter productive, as the less money they have, the less they can spend on other products and services.

In the United States we spend a lot of time arguing about tax rates, who pays, and what we will tax. It is one of the core arrows that Republicans and Democrats fire at each other. But this misses the point.

We don't need to be focused on taxing more, but instead on raising the amount of profit that companies and people realize. In the late 1990s the economy boomed, and the government took in more money. There was no rocket science on this one. Lets freeze the tax rates.... No ups, no downs for the next decade and make everyone understand the goal is earning more money. Higher income, higher taxes.

Teach people how to create multiple streams of income. Champion entrepreneurship. Praise those who have ambition to earn more income. Companies and people who can extend their income levels year over year, and pay more to the government, will add to the raising dollars flowing into Washington and create jobs along the way.

Politics as usual and the political fights between Republicans and Democrats over taxation is so "yesterday". I am waiting for someone in Congress to become a real leader and show his co-workers how to grow up and grow past all the partisan finger pointing. Our economy is not a board game, but nobody has told this to the members of the House and Senate. We need to get business moving, end of story.

Change will never come until the people demand it. I believed this time that "Change" was more than a slogan. I expected to see Washington DC be different. So far I see the same old thing. If the people sent a message "Stop it or we will toss you out" then you would see elected officials change their tune in a minute. They would focus on solutions rather than this continued Red vs Blue bullshit that trickles down into every discussion.

Have A Great Day.



Anonymous said...

It was President Obama who ran on the "Change" slogan, not Congress. It is not his fault that the leaders of both parties fear change, as that is the end of their careers.

Your headline takes a shot at Obama, but your point is aimed at Congress.

Eugene Sepulveda said...

Thom, I doubt many who'll be paying higher taxes (no more than Bush years) would mind if confident that our monies would be spent wisely. Steven & I are willing to give President Obama & his team this chance. We HAVE to paydown the deficit and, facing the current economic catastrophe, we have to spend significantly to refuel the economic engine (not to mention rescue the idiotic financial system). Trick is, convincing others to have confidence too.