Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pizazz Gets Noticed

People don't care about you or your product / service. They care about themselves. Sorry, I hope this is not a shocker.

This is especially true when you are new to their universe. If they are an established part of your community, then sure, they might care about you. However the mistake we make is we assume that others see us as part of their network long before they feel that way.

Even those you have known for years might not really give a damn.

It is like dating. Those who are married did not propose marriage to their spouse the night they met them. If I had done that my wife would have run from the building screaming. It takes time to establish real bonds with others to the point that you develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Thus, the only way to stand out with clients, prospects, friends, networking contacts and referral sources is to do something bold, unique and new. They will pay more attention to you if you take risks in how you position yourself in the marketplace.

This is hard to do. First, some people are not wired to be bold. Second, you want to appear unique, not freaky. Finding the balance is the key.

Do something bigger than usual before the week is over. If you are not sure what to do, brainstorm with some friends or co-workers. Make all ideas open to discussion. Do not prejudge any concept. While at first glance it might not be the right move, it just could be the catalyst that leads you to your pizazz moment.

Pizazz gets noticed!

Have A Great Day.



Elizabeth said...

Thom, you're right as always. It's hard not to worry that you'll be a freak though, LOL.

Tonight I'm going to an event solo. That's a big leap because it's more comfortable to go with hubby. But, I figure I can be more bold if I'm by myself, I won't be a wallflower.

Wish me luck!

Phil Glockner said...

Good post Thom. Definitely, having a little something 'extra' will get noticed, which is good, in my opinion.

But also somewhat unfortunately, being controversial will also get you noticed -- Sometimes just arbitrarily picking a side when writing about something seems to get a lot more discussion going on a particular topic.

I always have a nagging thought in the back of my head when writing, should I take a more aggressive stance on this? And it's hard to know the right answer.

Anonymous said...

What seems like pizazz to me is often shocking and offensive to others... but I do believe if you aim to make everyone comfortable and happy, you are inherently putting out a weak, watered down message.

Someday I'll find the threshold! :)