Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hey Congress - You Don't Know JACK! Jack McDonald for Congress

Hey Congress - You Don't Know JACK! But you will.

Jack McDonald, who is exploring a 2010 run for the Texas 10th Congressional District, just launched his website:

Jack McDonald is the "real deal". This is the time that we should NOT allow the labels of "democrat" or "republican" fall into a race. The 10th Congressional District is what the GOP thinks of as a "safe" seat, as it was carved (yes carved, look at the crazy shape of the district on a map) out in the redistricting that took place several years ago. But everyone I know claims to look at the person, not the party.... and this will be a race watched nationally to see if the winds of change have really arrived.

(The district goes from Round Rock, scooping out part of Westlake/Davenport, and then runs along HWY 290 to Katy. What? A tiny slice of Austin and a huge Houston suburb strung together. Um, Austin and Houston are not close together - nor do they share the same issues, but when you draw it this way you encompass a lot of republican voters).

Jack is a visionary business leader who has worked hard to build a company and promote the success of the community.

To hang onto "red" vs. "blue" in this case would be a shame. McDonald would make a difference in Washington DC.... and not just be the same old thing (I am tired of career politicians). Who out there isn't sick of the status quo in our government?

He is the type of person whom we all dream about electing to Congress.....but are almost never given the chance, as we keep getting incumbents or nothing. How is that working for us? Both parties need people to vote like sheep, or they would lose their power!

There is an excitement amongst the people who know Jack McDonald regardless of party ties (I know him, and am NOT a democrat)... as he is a self made man with education, experience, character, compassion, and charisma.

Check out his website and give him some money for his campaign. It is easy to forget that it is not the big money donors that matter, but the average citizen who makes the difference. $10, $25, $50, or $100 is an important donation to anyone running for office. Do not fall prey to the misnomer that you don't matter in politics. It is only you who matter.

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