Tuesday, March 03, 2009

2009 Community Leadership Award - Jack McDonald

Last night: Perficient CEO Jack McDonald (future US Congressman from Texas 10th Congressional District!) was awarded the Entrepreneurs Foundation's 2009 Community Leadership Award at the EF's annual Texas Independence Day Celebration at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Jack is more than a CEO, he is a community leader who has assisted several non-profit organizations: He has served as vice chair of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the AusTech Alliance, as chair of PeopleFund, chairman of the Central Texas Regional Center for Innovation and Commercialization, on the board of KIPP, People's Community Clinic & the Hill Country Conservancy and as past advisory board chair for American Youth Works and as a co-chair of EF's Austin Invitational Poker Tournament.

He is a good guy, and the type of person that we should all aspire to have serving us in Congress. When he makes his campaign announcement official, I plan to be a big supporter of the cause!

I had a great time at the party last night.

Congratulations, Jack.

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Eugene Sepulveda said...

Thanks for joining us at the event, Thom. You've been an important part of our success. Appreciatively, Eugene