Thursday, September 25, 2008

Washington DC Finger Pointing and "The Blame Game"

I can't sleep. I woke when my 6-year-old came to me needing to be "tucked in again" (this is the kid that NEVER once slept through the night until she was 2-years-old, but now sleeps just tonight was a fluke). Alas, I can't get back to sleep.

My mind is on. I thus I am now awake and catching up on reading and writing, hoping the urge to sleep will return before my morning alarm clock.

And what is on my mind? All the politics and related Wall Street News. One would think some random guy in Austin, Texas could sleep...but if I can't sleep, I assume (and hope) that our leaders in Washington DC are awake too trying to figure out the issues that face them (and us all).

I am sick of all the finger pointing. The crisis in the financial markets is serious. The President spoke tonight (well, last night, as it is now technically tomorrow) about the need for congress to take action. It is clear that something must be done. Major financial institutions are teetering on the edge of collapse and the credit markets have frozen up. Not good.

Yet while they search for a solution, both the Republican and Democrat partisans are actively looking to serve their opponents a double dose of the blame. From what I have read there is plenty of blame to go around, and one who lives in a glass house should not throw rocks.

I see folks on both sides trying to pin the cause of the crisis on the other side and ignoring their own party's role in government. Sorry people, both parties have been running the government and setting policy for decades. And the failing financial institutions have donated large sums of the beloved cash to politicians in both camps. Leaders and their talking heads will have credibility with me if they take responsibility.

Big pill to swallow here, but this is not the time to score a partisan blow...this is an American issue...not a red state / blue state chess piece.

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Anonymous said...

Thom, here it is, a week or more into the crisis and Congress is still playing the blame game! Just saw C-Span this Sunday a.m.. It absolutely chaps-my-hide to have to sit there and watch a Congressman stare the camera down and spew LIES!!

You really think these SOB's have the taxpayer's interests at heart? When are you going to wake up and smell the coffee?

There has to be a way we the citizens can just march-in and clean house. Arrest them all, put their asses in jail and hold elections for new officials.

These bastards are going to give Wall Street $700 billion, and a week from now They're going to be apologizing about how Wall Street made $700B disappear and declare how it's not their fault.