Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fight For Your Success

Most successful people whom I know have not had life handed to them on a silver platter.

The good life comes from planning, hard work, sacrifice, learning, courage, stamina, a little luck, and more hard work.

Thus, if you want success, you cannot back down. A bumpy road and detours are part of the journey. I have discovered that when you begin to gain momentum, that it just gets harder. I witnessed this recently when my daughter was completing her marital arts black belt training. She had worked hard for 3 years, but in the last few months the Master put more pressure on her. He demanded more perfection in her performances and paired her with better fighters for sparring. She did not like the heat, and there were times she wanted to quit. But she did not quit, and received her black belt in June.

The same thing was true in writing my books. The hard part was not writing the book, although it took many months of toil and tribulation. The difficult part is in promoting the book. Everyday I must do something to help sell my products, or there will not be the success that I desire.

You will also find that some people will be very supportive of your efforts to expand your personal boarders. Finding these evangelists who help you along the way is wonderful. Coaches, friends, family members, co-workers and others who see that spark inside you help ignite your fire.

Do not forget that you will also encounter the naysayers. It hurts when others question your qualifications or motivations, but it happens. You need to let it go, as if you believe in yourself, do not let people derail your dreams. Those who look for faults are out there. They find superiority in catching your typos or your other hiccups. Just let it go. Nothing speaks to a critic with more volume than your personal drive to victory.

Fight for your success. Go for it, no matter what is holding you back, or keeping you from reaching for your goals. While it will not always be easy, accomplishment feels dang good.

Have A Great Day.


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