Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey! What's The Big Idea?

Visa Small Business has a commercial running on television that talks about how "small businesses" have "BIG IDEAS". I love it is those whom have big ideas that get results. The people I know who dream big, and couple that with taking actions, are the ones who never stop having new achievements.

In an oversimplified way, this is what has made America great. The Declaration of Independence is an example of a "BIG IDEA". Sure, the United States has made mistakes and our government continues to have faults,.... but it is the grand thought that we can do more good for people than has ever been done before that inspires so many. The founding fathers had huge dreams for the future. We need to continue to be on the outlook for giant opportunities.

My grandfather boarded a boat from Ireland to New York in 1900 at age sixteen. Both his parents were dead and he was responsible for his four younger siblings. He never looked back. His "BIG IDEA" was that his siblings, children and grandchildren would have a better future in his new country. While his life was hard and far from perfect, but his goal was achieved. I hope I live my life in a way that honors his.

I want our political leaders to challenge their constituencies. I want to know that they have a vision and a goal for what can be accomplished if they win the election. I want to see and feel that dream, but more important, I want to believe that they will work to achieve it. Too often our politicians say one thing when they run for office and then get caught up in the whirlwind of partisan politics and their own desire for legacy when they govern. I want their "BIG IDEAS" to be beyond themselves and their political party. I want them to commit to a real plan.

I see this spark in the eyes of the entrepreneurs that I know. While our current financial market situations are certainly serious, entrepreneurs are optimists by nature (thank God). They do not see the sky as falling, but instead know that success is always around the next corner. If we roll over and kill our ambitions, there is no future. In every down market there are people who succeed, and do so ethically. These are the people with "BIG IDEAS". These are the people who have a plan. Sure, some fail, but that risk is what it takes to discover real victory.

How about you? Do you have big ideas? I bet that you do, even if for some reason you keep them hidden from the world. Our current political and financial uncertainties cause many people to pull in their hopes and dreams. I think that you should do just the opposite. Pour the water of hope on your desires and sprout your ideas. Have a plan. So what if you don't achieve it exactly how you intended. Many of my most successful friends have had their wins come in ways they did not script, but instead discovered something new while enroute to another success. Sitting still brings nothing.

Nobody can predict the future, but your safety net to recession proof your career is to be open to all possibilities and to have a vision for what you want to accomplish. Expand you network and meet new people who might hold unforeseen opportunities for you. Identify those who work in and around industries that excite you. Meet them now, before you need them. Ask them questions and learn. Create real relationships and you will find amazing opportunities.

Ask yourself "what is my BIG IDEA?". Think about and let the seeds grow and find where it takes you. And do not forget to enjoy the journey. You don't need to have an idea....but isn't life more fun when you have something you desire and work toward? Better to strive than to just let things happen to you.

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Cashmere JL said...

Wow that's inspiring. This is a great story about your family roots and a good example of what can be achieved when you have the will to make it work.