Friday, September 12, 2008

Facts and Politics Need Not Be Roommates

I love If you spend enough time on their site you find that both the republicans and the democrats distort all sorts of things in their official campaign messages and from their unofficial surrogates. I also love it when the press gets called out for just being wrong or biased toward one side or the other.

I had a republican friend try to convince me that they stretch the truth less than the democrats, but that they had to because of the media. Ha. Meanwhile I am sure democrats would claim the opposite logic. Usually both just point out the flaws of the other side, which leaves me more confused than ever in this election.

Too bad nobody can run for president without embellishing their strengths or lying about the other side. I wanted a "different type of campaign" .... but apparently neither of the candidates on the top of the tickets feel they can win without smear. That is a shame, but it is the facts.

If you have never spent any time on get a cup of coffee and go read the achieves. It is fun.

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Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that both sides lie? OMG.