Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy People At Happy Hour. September Austin Tech Happy Hour Makes A Mark At The Marq

Last night was the Austin Tech Happy Hour. It was a good time and I had a several conversations with fascinatingly interesting people. Many entrepreneurial minds were there mingling about and making connections. There was a fresh wave of enthusiasm that permeated the crowd.

This monthly event continues to attract the young and old from the tech business community. Over 300 people packed The Marq at 5th and Congress. Fortunately I found a great parking place less than a block from the venue. While some I know purposely stay away from these types of events, they missed out on one heck of an evening.

I chatted with several folks from a variety of cool start ups. The team from Moximity gave me a t-shirt. I don't know why, but I loved getting that shirt. I will wear it this weekend. Sometimes the little things make a big impression. They have the coolest new technology, but I am not sure if they are talking about what they do to the world.... so shhhhhh, I can't it say here. Stay tuned.

I also met several people whose blogs I read regularly, whom read my blog, or I knew from Twitter. I am a big fan of putting a name with a face, and the Web 2.0 social media crowd in Austin is comprised of inspiring people who are fun to talk with and exchange thoughts and ideas.

The crew was there interviewing many of those in attendance. I look forward to seeing what they all had to say, as it all looked very smart (no, they did not interview me). Video is powerful.

Author Sarah Lacey was there selling and signing her book, and I had a short conversation with her. I like to meet authors and discover more about them as a person. I purchased a copy, as I have a rule that if I meet someone who wrote a book, I buy it and read it. I expect to dive into it over this upcoming rainy weekend, as Austin is expecting the effects of Hurricane Ike. The whole family has new books. I will discover her "Once Lucky, Twice Good" theories... Expect a report in a later post.

Those of us old enough to remember 1998, 1999 and 2000 have some pleasant memories of the Austin Tech Scene during "The Boom". Sure, there was that whole "Bust" thing that followed, but it was packed with good times and a great opportunity to witness the entrepreneurial spirit in action. Few are willing to talk much about the positive parts of those heady days, as the crash was bitterly harsh for many. But I am not shy to say that it was a great time to live and work in and around the Austin technology industries.

There are hints that some of the good parts of those days are back. I welcome this new surge of entrepreneurial endeavors. The difference today is that nobody has crazy amounts of unchecked venture capital that they are using to sell vintage rubber bands on the internet or purchase Super Bowl commercials staring sock puppets. It all seems more grounded in the realities of operating under sustainable financial models.

There is a desire for excellence that is naturally inside of people. I love it when you see leaders exposing this move toward achievement. It just makes you smile.

Have A Great Day.


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