Sunday, September 14, 2008

Challenge Yourself

Do you surround yourself with people who encourage you? Are you challenging yourself?

I have always been fortunate to have friends who see more inside of me than I sometimes found visible in myself. They have consistently pushed me (or carried me) to higher levels.

I am at my best when I am challenged to push myself to to new heights.

I work for a dynamic company that is growing. Being part of this team keeps me excited to succeed. Working at vcfo allows me to encounter the most inspired entrepreneurs who operate the companies that we serve. These companies are outstanding examples of inspiration and success...and having the opportunity to observe these business leaders stretches me even further. Working for a great company makes everyone better.

Writing books and giving speeches is something I am passionate about. I always feel the huge responsibility to my audience and want my words to touch others while helping them in some manner. At my core I desire to deliver something of value. Having a purpose makes everyone better.

Even strangers challenge me. I received the following email from someone I just met in the past two weeks. He is a well respected thought leader and business legend in Austin (and beyond), and I look forward to getting to know him better. I can tell that he is one of those people who come along at just the right moment to help clarify the path.

Our first correspondence include this challenge to me:

I want to stretch you to begin thinking about how do you create a business network that impacts business today. How companies grow networks to impact their bottom-line today! These are the areas I work in as well as dealing at the highest trust levels in global business. How do we impact countries and people in crisis!

I know we will become great friends, but I definitely want to stretch how you view relationship building.

Wow. Not many people would so positively, yet bluntly, challenge a stranger to expand their horizons following an initial encounter. It is people like this who make me challenge myself to become better. Taking my career, writing, speaking, community service, networking, family, spirituality, and all areas of my life to a higher level is the goal. Having others believe in you makes everyone better.

Are you challenged? Are you taking steps to grow as a person or are you just going through the motions? Whom do you have in your life that you can turn to for those friendly nudges that make you check your personal ego at the door and contemplate how to set up your game. Athletes do this all the time. Their coaches actively help them find their weakness and build their strengths.

We all need to challenge ourselves. Embracing personal growth makes everyone better.

Have A Great Day.



Kevin Eikenberry said...

Thom - This is a great post. You've challenged me to think about your questions, which I'm sure was your goal.

You have also got me thinking about your final point, about challenging each other. While we all need to be challenged, we can also provide an "encouraging challenge" - which is what I felt you received - to others as well.

It is our opportunity as humans, and our responsibility as caring participants in relationships (and as leaders) to do that.

Thanks again for a great post.

Kevin :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the challenge. Like you, I strive to take all areas of my life to a higher level, especially in areas that not only strengthen me, but empower others.
Reading your post has in fact challenged me to higher levels.