Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thank You, Darren - "31 Days to Building a Better Blog"

A month ago I stumbled upon "ProBlogger.Net" somewhat by accident (the way anyone finds blogs out there....clicking links and following interesting topics). It is a site that is dedicated to "all things blog" and hosted by one of the world's most successful Professional Bloggers (Yes, Virginia, there are "professional bloggers!!!), Darren Rowse. Darren claims to earn over $100,000 per year from his various blogs, which include ProBlogger.

Just days after I discovered this sight, which is full of useful information for anyone who writes and reads blogs, Darren started a series called "31 Days to Building a Better Blog". He asked his readers to post tid-bits of blogging advice, and then he daily posted links to this virtual university for tricks of the trade.

I am a big believer in saying "Thank You" to those who provide assistance to my advancement in this silly world. Too often people take the help of strangers and act as if somehow they deserved the favors that were provided to them. I do not know Darren Rowse, and will most likely never meet him in person (he lives and blogs in Australia), but he has provided me with so much growth in my understanding of blogging just through this one series over the past 31 days, that I must publicly show my appreciation.

First off, this series has some amazing information that was compiled in one location because of Darren's efforts. If you have not seen "31 Days", I suggest you set aside the time and go and read the suggestions of his readers from around the world. There are so many useful tips that your understanding of blogs will jump light-years ahead.

Second, I shared some tips on this blog, to which Darren linked. The traffic on my sight went through the roof on the days that these posts were freshly listed. I have continued to see an up swing in visitors to my site from ProBlogger.Net. Many visitors continue to come back regularly....and some have gone on to pre-purchase copies of my new book: "Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Keep and Grow Your Business Relationships" (available for sale at, and will be shipped by the last week of September). Now that is cool!!!

So thanks, Darren. I look forward to seeing what you will do to top "31 Days to Building a Better Blog".

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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